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Singing since the tender age of 12, Wé McDonald’s star-making turn during her show-stopping blind audition on the hit NBC TV show The Voice drew world-wide attention in 2016. People are continuously awed by the distinct difference between Wé’s speaking voice and singing voice during performances and appearances on social media.

When this sultry songstress is not singing on stages across the world, she is recording new music, writing educational children’s books and partnering with organizations, such as World Vision, volunteering her time to assist in making the world a much better place for all.

Wé McDonald, now 23, continues to commit and dedicate her life to healing the world through her music and philanthropic endeavors. Wé McDonald is, undeniably, a rising star.


Carrington Zane Sklar

Carrington Zane Sklar is an adventurer at heart. It shines deep from within his music, and his radiant vibes exude out of each song. In his time spent touring music capitals from the likes of New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville Tennessee he has captured diversity. These influences have made Carrington strive to form more music spanning a plethora of genres. The life is true, and that’s what he wants to represent. The truth that music is powerful and can touch the hearts of many. 

From his birthplace of New Jersey, Carrington Zane Sklar has set off on a journey. Building an arsenal of musical knowledge from many teachers. Throughout his continuous studying of vast forms of art he endeavors to bring you to a specific place. This place is Now. The moment, where the music is played. Sit down, stand up, or dance, Carrington Zane Sklar is bringing you what always has been meant to be. 

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Jason Recht Trio
(with Alex Aitken
& Joe Miller III)

What happens when you bring together three of the top musicians in the New Jersey/New York City area? Introducing the Jason Recht Trio, captivating audiences of all ages with their tight sound. Their talent and versatility allow them to cross genres of pop, funk, rhythm and blues, rock and jazz at venues large and small. 

Guitarist - Jason Recht, Bassist - Joe Miller III, and Drummer - Alex Aitken, formed the Jason Recht Trio in 2019.  Their first show was a sold-out show at the famed, Turning Point in Piermont, NY in October of 2019. Shortly thereafter, the pandemic hit and most indoor live venues canceled their shows; but that didn’t stop the Jason Recht Trio from performing and rehearsing at every opportunity possible. They knew live music was a way to bring smiles and optimism to people during this difficult time.  

“The first time I heard the Jason Recht Trio play I just looked around at everyone dancing, smiling and enjoying themselves and realized they 'got it,' that special something, the intangible thing you just know is there, but is difficult to explain” said Tony Damiano, Director of the Ridgewood Guild.

Jason Recht is one of only six brand ambassadors for D’Angelico Guitars.

Miles Hardamon

Brooklyn continues to be a surging hotbed for rising talent, and by the looks of things, breakout pop star Miles Hardamon is next in line. Matthew Paul Hardamon, better known by his stage name Miles Hardamon, is a young Brooklyn native ready to take on the music industry. Miles was already honing his craft at a young age. Pulling musical influences from R&B's most renowned singers Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, NeYo and Bruno Mars Miles discovered his own sound.


Miles Hardamon was first introduced to the world with his appearance on popular
rapper Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio’s "The Wow Challenge" earlier this year. Miles blew Tory Lanez and his audience away with his live performance of the late legend, Michael Jackson hit "Dirty Diana." Miles' undeniable talent quickly gained the attention of many celebrities such as Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Lala Anthony, Justin Combs, and Kai Cash. Timbaland even commented during his performance on Lanez’s Instagram live saying “Toryyyyyy he got something."

Since then Miles has gone from street performing, to showcasing his talents at well-established venues such as the West Side Comedy Club, The Shrine, and Radio City Music Hall. He’s made special appearances on Good Day New York and Gramercy Theater, where he performed with “The Voice” singer/songwriter Wé McDonald. Miles has already joined the ranks of New York elites when he partnered with the Garden of Dreams for the halftime show at the famous Madison Gardens during the recent New York Knicks Games. His vocal harmony rang through the arena as he sang the lyrics to the popular Michael Jackson hit “Human Nature.” 


Most recently, Miles has teamed up with Grammy Award Platinum singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo along with other top-notch producers to work on his upcoming EP Spectrum. Miles Hardamon is just getting started and he’s ready to make his mark in music history by cultivating timeless music that music lovers will enjoy.

THE most authentic Queen tribute show since the days of Queen themselves. A deliberate four piece band, Almost Queen delivers a live performance showcasing signature four part harmonies and intricate musical interludes. Donning genuine costumes, Almost Queen recaptures the live energy and precision needed to deliver the ultimate Queen tribute experience.

Almost Queen, a tribute to Queen, is not affiliated with the band Queen or any of its members.

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